Flute Chi Percussion Plays the Symphony of Endeavour 2019

On December 28, the anniversary celebration and the New Year's Return Ceremony of Descartes were held in Zhongshan Camp. All staff and family members, customer representatives, supplier representatives and a group of invited guests jointly attended the banquet.


In 2018, the flute brand set sail
After 25 years of sedimentation of music and technology, the percussion music of Xizhanhua Desichi has opened a new mode of outdoor music + fitness.
Through high-end media such as CCTV and three-dimensional integration and promotion of "land, sea and air" online and offline, the brand grows rapidly and warms up.
With the support and help of our customers, we have won the "Top Ten Percussion Music Brands in China" and "Outdoor Sports Facilities Brand in China".
Cartesian team actively participated in famous exhibitions such as Canton Fair and International Preschool Education Exhibition, making the brand of "Cartesian" percussion famous at home and abroad. It has attracted the attention of strategic partners such as Russian orange group, shepherd children, music school, children's fun, Zhong's, Ningyou, strange music and so on. The seed of flute's percussion music has been spread all over the world. It has realized the strong landing of market segments such as preschool education, schools, theme parks, community parks, commercial plazas, scenic spots and health care.
A number of achievements are not only the achievements of Dichi's far-sighted and pragmatic development, but also the result of support and trust from all walks of life.

Mr. Liao Zhanbo, the chairman of the company, made a special speech at the conference to thank his family, partners and all sectors of society for their support for the "Flute" percussion brand. At the same time, Mr. Liao said that because of your strong support for the flute chi, I believe that the name of the "flute chi" brand will spread farther and wider, just like the notes knocked out by the flute percussion music, its charm is infinite, attracting more people with lofty ideals, and bringing more wonderful notes to the world!
Family members and guests at the scene, have raised their thumbs to express their appreciation, and said that they should follow the flute to roll up their sleeves to work out a day!

Birthday witnesses the traces of brand growth, and every step of the growth of Flute Chi is expected to be witnessed by all family members! In the 2018 Anniversary of Flute Chi, with the attention of all flute Chi family members, Liao always blows candles, cuts cakes, and raises glasses to celebrate with the guests on the spot. The scene was a scene of happiness and harmony.

At the meeting, the company praised the team of Descartes. The 500,000 bonus is the best praise for the team's efforts and efforts this year, and it is also a spur to the team members in 2019. At the same time, we also commend the partners who have performed well.

First prize, second prize, third prize, interactive lottery is endless! Everyone has a full harvest, and the circle of friends bursts in an instant. More guests added cash red envelopes on the spot, so that the atmosphere continues to climax. In addition, the flute band also presented a wonderful HIGH live show for the friends on the spot.

Over 2018, into 2019. The brilliance of each scene seems to be still in front of us. Every moment of honor is deeply impressed in our mind. Celebrate the fruitful harvest of 2018 with a toast and sing the grand market blueprint of 2019!
The flute percussion, sounds what you want, with you in the same frequency! In 2019, we go together.

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