I. Understanding through Business Invitation Consulting
1. Understand the general situation and business model of enterprises through investment channels such as meetings, training and advertising.
2. Understanding the conditions and requirements of joining the franchise.
3. Determine the intention of opening a store.
II. Fill in the Application Form for Joining
The franchisor fills in the application form for franchise, the required certification and the information documents of the business ability, and submits them to the headquarters of the company for examination.
III. Company Assessment
1. After receiving the application form, the headquarters shall examine the specific conditions and conditions of the franchisers.
2. If the examination is passed and the applicant is notified, the contract can be signed.
Four. Signing
1. The company provides the text of the franchise contract and explains it.
2. The company and the franchisor sign a franchise contract to clarify the ways, rights and obligations of cooperation between the two parties.
3. Pay the related fees.
V. Site Selection and Certification
1. According to the opening address provided by the franchisee, the company determines the feasibility of the project and jointly determines the final location scheme.
2. After the location of the store has been determined, the franchisor shall apply for business license and other relevant documents.
VI. Decoration Design and Recruitment
1. The franchisee provides the floor plan of the business site, and the company is responsible for designing the decoration plan and the effect map.
2. Under the guidance of the company, material selection and decoration should be carried out according to the unified design plan of the company.
3. Recruitment and operation of personnel required.
Seven. Training
1. The company will provide training for franchisors in opening stores.
2. Management software and hardware operation training.
3. Market analysis and market channel development guidance.
4. Shop assistant training.
Eight. Practice
1. Implementing the publicity plan and promotional measures.
2. Opening ceremony.
3. Follow up the operation and provide advice.
4. Feedback the initial operation situation in time.
9. Business Guidance
1. Standardize the operation and timely report to the company.
2. Implement the company's publicity and promotional measures.
3. The company provides training and guidance to the franchisee from time to time.
Production orders
1. The franchisor will place production orders according to the franchise agreement.
2. Delivery of a deposit.
11. Logistics Distribution
1. Distribution by company through logistics.
2. Commodities are generally sent to the franchisee's business premises.
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